Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Xtreme Tint & Graphics offers a full complement of professional window tinting for automobiles, boats, homes and office buildings. Whether you’re a private owner or a commercial business, our certified technicians can help you select the right tint solution for your application.

XTG, has the expertise and experience in a wide range of tinting applications ranging from automotive to recreational vehicles to industrial vehicles. We also specialize in residential tinting, corporate tinting and other large tinting applications.


Benefits of Window Tinting: Tinting windows helps reduce visible light (as indicated in percentages above) from entering through a window which increases privacy. In addition to reducing visible light, window tinting dramatically reduces solar energy penetration which reduces heat. Finally, ultra violet light “UV” that causes damage to materials including fading in vehicles is reduced by window tinting.

Visible Light Reduction: We offer our performance tint brands in several tint levels. The percentage indicated is the amount of visible light that enters through the window. The most common tint levels are between 30-50%; 35%, for example, indicates that 65% of the light is prevented from getting through the window and 35% of the light is allowed, see the sample image below for examples of tint levels.

You can also enhance your driving experience with window tinting. Tinted glass can make your travels more comfortable and even healthier and safer. Window tinting helps decrease blinding glares and intense, bright hot spots on sunny days. Tinted auto glass can make it harder for people to see inside your vehicle, thus giving you a sense of security.

Tint also helps to keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact with an object or in the event of an accident. This can go a long way to protecting the health and lives of your passengers if anything unexpected happens on the road.


  • Carli Posted December 6, 2017 1:13 am

    How much to tint two door windows

    • rushpro Posted December 6, 2017 3:33 pm

      Please submit your inquiry to

    • John Posted December 6, 2017 3:33 pm

      2 front windows
      Depending on the film you choose to go with . We have three separate options. $50 is the charge for glue died window film with a 30 day warranty $100 is a polyester died film with a three-year warranty and $125 is the cost for a 30 year warranty high-performance ceramic film. There’s a big difference in the quality of these three films that’s why there’s a difference in price.

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